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Aftersales & Services

As you can imagine, we at Greekwaters believe that what happens behind the scenes is of huge importance. We know that your on-going pleasure in owning a Pearl means an after-sales service and customer care that’s second to none.

As well as selecting agents for their expertise and efficiency, good communication is all important too.

Keeping clients involved and informed matters. We’ve learned a lot from the mistakes of others. So our agents are hand-picked, and their values fit the culture that is uniquely Pearl. Wherever you decide to call home for your exciting new Pearl, there’ll be a back-up service you’ll be delighted to use.

You can choose the best delivery time for you from our production schedule. Build slots can be reserved until after a satisfactory sea trial or factory visit, whichever you require.

Apologies if we are ‘teaching Granny to suck eggs’ but we strongly recommend that you do not sign a contract to purchase any boat during a boat show unless you have had sea trials beforehand or inspected the factory.

Boat shows are exciting venues with lots of glitz and glamour and even the most sensible among us can get a little carried away at an event such as this.

We can recommend several finance schemes and give you an introduction to the major finance houses such as Lombard Marine, etc. for you to discuss directly with them the best scheme for you. That way your personal financial details remain strictly confidential. At Pearl it is our policy to take no finance-related commission payments.

Tax saving
There are several ways to purchase your new Pearl without paying the full amount of VAT – perfectly legally. When you are ready to purchase your new Pearl, we can give you full information on these legitimate schemes.

Our dedicated, experienced team are here to serve you with integrity and honesty to the highest ethical standards. We take our business very seriously and that is why we work and liaise with each manufacturer as well as our customers. Credibility is of paramount importance.

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